Here at the Scoreboard we offer a variety of tournament services for junior golf tournament organizers that can help to insure your tournament is a success. These include:

  • Listing and Publicizing Your Event
    — As a free service we list and rank all junior stroke play events and match play qualifiers that are 36 holes or more and conducted under the USGA Rules of Golf. (For other event requirements click here) Whether you are a single event or a tour, please use this form (New Event form) to attach to an email and send to In addition we provide web and print artwork that you can display on your website that you are a "Junior Golf Scoreboard Ranked Tournament" as well as laminated signs to use on your tournament scoreboard. Please email us a request for that artwork or note it in your email when you send your tournament information. Please call with any questions – 804-935-1800
  • Publishing Your Results
    — Also as a free service, we will publish and use the results for our Rankings© for all events that have been listed with us (see above) in which at least 5 players completed at least 36 holes, results include hometowns, states, and yardages played by each age group. Results are published on a first in- first published basis. To expedite having your results published, click here (Results Form) to use our formatted Results Excel sheet and then attach to an email to We also accept Excel spreadsheets from TPP and Blue Golf. TPP users click here for directions
  • Enhanced listings
    — Tournaments looking to have a more distinctive listing can add a logo or artwork to their information and a description of tournament above the basic information that is provided for free. Please call for more information.
  • Live!Scoring
    — Dozens of junior events utilize Live!Scoring to enhance the experience of the players and their families by being able to provide real time scoring. The Live!Scoring system displays a live leaderboard, player scorecards, tee times and player field lists over the internet. It's a great way to show tournament action to the participants and to friends and family back home.

    Join these top ranked junior events as a Live!Scoring Tournament

    Click here to learn more!
  • Broadcast emails

    — tournament can publicize their event through our broadcast email service using the email addresses we have here at the Scoreboard. Call for more information.

For more information about any of these services please call us at 804-935-1800 or email