Uneven Lies

Article by Todd Casabella of Mike Bender Golf Academy

For most golfers nearly every full swing practice occurs from a perfectly flat lie from fairway type conditions. However, when on the golf course, you rarely find yourself having a similar perfect lie. It's a common issue for golfers as very few practice facilities provide a place to learn how to adjust for uneven lies. At our Academy, we have an uneven lie station that provides our players the ability to practice virtually any shot. But, if you don't have this at your practice facility, here's a good alternative.

Most practice tee boxes are at least slightly elevated so you should be able to hit balls off the sides of the tee to practice with the ball below or above your feet and from the front and back of the tee box for uphill and downhill lies. Get creative! Pick out targets on the left and right side of the landing area in order to create different lie angles.

Commit yourself to a minimum of 10 different uneven shots each practice session. Pick a different target and create a zone for each shot. (For more information on zones, see "Get in the Zone" in the archives.) The goal is 7 out of 10 balls landing in the zone.

By practicing these shots from awkward and uneven ground you will be much better prepared to attack the golf course knowing you can consistently control the ball from whatever lie you face.

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