Play “8 Ball” to Improve Your Short-Game Practice

By Cheryl Anderson, Director of Instruction, Mike Bender Elite Golf Academy

When our students are practicing their short game shots we always want them to measure whether or not they are improving. All of the drills that we give our students have a goal that needs to be met before they can move on to something else. One of our favorite measurement drills comes from our good friend Dr. Rick Jensen.

The student will hit 15 balls to a target to determine their average shot. After they hit all of the shots, they will pick up the seven closest balls to the hole. The eighth ball – which is now the closest to the hole – determines the average distance the 15 balls were hit from the target.

We like to see the average leave distance on a basic chip shot within two feet of the hole and on a typical pitch shot within six feet.

You can set your own standards, but the key is to track your closest average distance from a variety of shots and then try to beat your best average each time you practice. As the “8 Ball” gets closer and closer to the hole, your scores will decrease.

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