Pre-Shot Routine

Goal: Consistent preparation is a key in approaching each shot in the same manner, regardless of the level of difficulty or competitive situation. Using these keys create a consistent way that you can prepare for each shot.

  1. Set your bag down 5-6 feet away from your ball.
  2. Survey the shot and all decisions before choosing club.
  3. Stay behind the ball, club in hand, and imagine the shot "Say it and see it".
  4. Incorporate a swing key into your practice swing.
  5. Setup behind ball lokking at the target.
  6. Make a practice swing along the target line -- you can make two (1st swing focused on swing keys, 2nd focused on feel).
  7. Reaffirm your target with a CONFIDENT pose.
  8. Walk confidently into ball with your eyes locked on the target.
  9. Stepup to the ball -- get comfortable.
  10. As soon as your eyes track back to the ball, make a confident swing and hold your finish until the ball comes to a rest.

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