Off Season - Staying Sharp

Can Make the Difference

For most junior golfers, the fall and winter present a special challenge to keeping their games sharp. With the challenge of school, homework, poorer weather in some cases, and maybe even another sport to worry about, golf practice can often take a back seat.

Don't let it !

Here are some tips to help you keep you game in top condition all this winter.

  • Set goals for each area of your game that you want to improve
  • Have a list of practice drills you can do in 30 minutes or less - go for personal bests in each drill
  • Somehow, someway be sure to practice at least three times a week
  • Practice your putting indoors-especially 5 and 6 foot putts at least an hour a week
  • Absolutely take care of the physically conditioning. Even if you are playing another sport, don't forget the specific workouts that help your gofl game.
  • Play at least 6 to 9 holes a week even in bad weather. Bad weather happens in college.
  • Find an indoor range or golf simulator or a heated driving range - use it. Find a place and time to practice your short game at least twice per week

Stay with this program and you will be off to a fast start in the spring.

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