One or Two Bad Holes

They Happen

Well this author can really tell you about this problem.

How often have you walked off the golf course and know that you shot one over par for 14 holes but absolutely killed yourself on those other four holes? Sound familiar? Well try these tips.

** Manage what you do after a bad shot. This is the old adage "take your medicine" so that you can hit the green and two putt for a bogey at worst.

** While walking to the next tee get it out of your system and take some extra time in your pre-shot routine.

** Challenge yourself on the next hole to have a "bounce back" number. Follow that double bogey with a par at worse. It does wonders for settling you down.

**Pretend your bogey putt is for a birdie. It's amazing what that will do for your mindset.

** During your practice rounds hit some trouble shots from behind trees and obstructions so you will know what to do when the time comes.

Try those tips during your next practice round. And remember, it may seem silly, but a 6 does beat an 7.

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