Putting It All Together

Use your tournament stats to focus your practice

Many other sports like football and basketball use game film to review what they need to practice. In tournament golf there is no game film as we commonly know it so you have to create some.

Every competitive round you play should be mapped, in other words, statistics kept. More than just tracking fairways hit or GIR or putts, there are a variety of stats that really give insight to your game and to which your practice should be tied.

One good example is up & downs. Every short game shot to save par should be graded as to it's difficulty, easy medium and hard. A chip shot from the fringe or collar of the green to a pin 15 feet away straight uphill is easy. 80-90% of those should result in a par and if not..well what are you going to practice the next time? Your driver?

If Mom or Dad is there at your tournament they need to keep detailed records of your play, it's your game film. Here are some of the ones to be kept:

Fairways hit
Greens missed -direction -left or right Putts
First putt distance
Bounce Back Average
(score on next hole after a bad hole)
Bogeys per round
Worst than bogey holes per round
Birdies per round
Par 5 scoring average
Putting par

Are there are many more.

You'll be surprised how quickly you'll see your trends.

Play well !

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