Another Great Putting Drill

Making them is not important

The purpose of this drill is to teach you to "get the ball to the hole". We have heard it a hundred times "Never up, never in" and this works on distance control.

Starting at three feet from the hole, drop a penny or some coin every three feet out to 18 feet. Then place two coins behind the hole, one six inches away and the other 17 inches away. Start at three feet and putt the ball so that, at the very least, it ends up between the two coins behind the hole. If it goes in fine, but if it is short or not between those two coins behind the hole, you have "missed the putt".

As long as you are successful keep going, one putt at each coin. But if you "miss" you start over at three feet again. The idea is to work your way out to 18 feet and then back again, always either sinking the putt or leaving it between the two coins behind the hole.

Good luck !!

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