Short Game - Finding the Distance

Yes you can measure it

One of the more consistent challenges we have in our short games is to know exactly how far the ball goes with our chips and pitch shots. When we're under pressure we also tend to forget this or try to feel it and that can lead to trouble.

Here are a couple of practice ideas to help.

Using your pitching wedge, go to the range and hit several dozen shots with your wedge where the club goes back to parallel and waist high. Then swing through to parallel to the ground and waist high in front of you, striking the ball in the process. Use the same swing speed everytime with the ball in the same place in your stance and measure how far the ball goes. Is it 10 yards? 20 yards? How far? Measure only to where the ball lands, not to where it rolls.

Now change it up with different clubs or swinging it a little less or a little more. "Dial it in" as they say and you'll have a constant to use during your round. It will build confidence when you're nervous on the course and give you a benchmark to work from. It's especially helpful to make up a little chart that might be handy to keep in your golf bag.

Best of luck...practice well.

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