Doing Weird Stuff

Change your stances to find your swing

One of the drills you can use on the practice range that will help you on the course is to change your stance and ball position from what you normally do during practice. Here are some ideas.

"Open Up"

Deliberately open your stance to the line of flight and see how that changes the feel of your swing and the path the ball takes. Hit three or four shots that way always aiming at a target. Then go back to your normal stance and swing. At this point, be sure to use clubs on the ground to check your correct position so that we don't create any bad habits. Then repeat the sequence. This drill helps you to understand your swing path and gives a tool to use when you have to fade the ball on the course or get out of trouble.

"Close 'er down"

Same drill but this time close your stance to your intended line. This will force a draw or hook. To really emphasize the effect, close your club face too. Remember to try some "punch shots" this way too. Always go back to your normal swing and stance to end the drill. It's important to leave your practice session with those normal shots in your memory.

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Play well !!

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