Fundamentals !!

They'll save your round

How many times have you heard the expression "Master the Fundamentals". Well it's certainly true in golf as it is in every sport. Without them, no athlete can be successful.

In golf it's even more important because remembering your personal fundamentals can save a golf round and keep one bad hole from becoming a string of bad holes. But it's important to know what they are.
This spring on the practice tee or putting green work on the basics. Here are the three most important: alignment, tempo, positive feel.

Alignment: put those clubs on the ground in front of your toes and practice all your shots with that club there. Its very basic and did you know you can do that during a round provided you pick it up before you make your stroke. When you're in one of those bad streaks in your round something simple like that can help to calm you and get you set up right.

Tempo: spend a great deal of time feeling the right tempo and then when you hit a bad shot in a tournament, immediately take a practice swing and see if that was the problem.

Positive feel: Take time on the practice range and putting green to recall all the great shots you've made in the past. Before each practice shot, really visualize that memory. Then be sure you have a ready list of those positive memories firmly set in your mind so that you can quickly switch yourself out of a negative mode during tournament play.

Work hard,have fun, play well!

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