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Player Live Scoring for those who can't be there.

Playing events now through the holidays? Don't want to bother with texting scores to family and friends?

Check out our Player Live Scoring that works on your phone creating a live scorecard for your player for the "gallery" that can't be there. Great way for others to follow along.

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Welcome to Junior Golf Scoreboard
Road To College Golf

Will you be joining Junior Golf Scoreboard Resume 2017 Signees next year?

You can view previous junior golfers who made the decision to create their Golf and Academic Resume and where they are playing golf in college by clicking here!

Do you have aspirations of playing golf in college? Is your goal to obtain a golfing scholarship to help defer the costs of college? What if you have a great tournament but all there is are your name and scores? Are you making it difficult for a coach to know more about you?

Getting a coach's attention is about two things: visibility and making it easy for the coach to contact and follow you. So ask yourself, how does a player develop a proactive strategy that helps his name stay on a coach's short list of recruits for his graduating class? By presenting yourself professionally and being as visible as possible.

So with the exciting possibility of playing college golf, think about creating your Junior Golf ScoreboardSM Golf and Academic Resume.


Runnin' on Empty?

The Mental Game is Authored by Michael Riggs

Are you aware that your brain, when in an intensely concentrated state, burns over 33% of the body’s available energy?

With this fact in mind, you should begin to consider ways to save mental energy and develop strategies to reduce the strain on your brain during a round of golf.

Consider this metaphor – you’re in your car waiting at a stoplight for the light to turn green, but instead of gently idling to keep your engine at a very low rpm, you put your left foot on the break and push your right foot on the gas pedal simultaneously. Your engine begins wail away. Your car wants to lunge forward but is held back because your breaks are applied.

Are There Golf Opportunities in the NAIA?

Article by Ted Gleason

We are all familiar with Division I universities, and most are aware of the opportunities that exist in DII and DIII athletics. Additionally, and not to be overlooked, is the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). The NAIA offers opportunities for junior golfers to play college golf and further their experience as college student-athletes.

The NAIA is a separate governing body from the NCAA (DI, DII, and DIII) and is comprised of smaller athletic programs committed to character-driven intercollegiate athletics. The NAIA was established in 1937, and its mission, with respect to athletics, is to utilize sports to build character. To this end, the NAIA created the Champions of Character philosophy, which consists of the following core values: Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, Sportsmanship, and Servant Leadership. The currently has approximately 176 men’s programs and 166 women’s programs that offer collegiate golf.


We are now Listing 2018 Early Signees!

Each year we have the largest list of junior golfer college signings and non-scholarship commitments to play. You can see the list for 2018 Grad Year early signees by selecting the More . . . link below.

To all 2018 grads, if your name is not on the list, send us a copy of your NLI letter or have your future coach contact us! You can send us a copy of page 1 of your National Letter of Intent (NLI) by Email or by (FAX) 804-527-0834.

Best of luck 2018 Grad Year Junior Golfers!!

As of today, we have received and posted over 640 Signees and Commitments !



International Events

North American Junior Amateur Championship
December 30, 2017 - January 3, 2018

National Events

Allstate Sugar Bowl Tommy Moore Memorial Junior Golf Championship
December 27 -28, 2017

RMJGT -- Tournament of Champions
December 27 -29, 2017

FCG National Championship Week 1- World Series
December 28 -30, 2017