Trying something different

Making it tougher to make it easier

Much like athletes who run track, where it can help to train at a longer distance to build endurance and muscle strength for a lesser distance, it's possible to do the same thing in golf.

Here are some different ideas for working on your game.

On the range: Try some one handed drills to make you more aware of your swing. Using a middle iron like a 6-iron, tee up a ball, take your normal stance and swing with only your right hand. It's very important to make a three-quarter slow swing smoothly trying to make solid contact. Swing through to a full finish. You should feel your right hand squaring up the club face. Do 25 of these every session.

On the putting green: putt with your eyes closed. Line up five balls at 3, 4 or 5 feet and stroke each one with your eyes closed. Focus on the smoothness of your stroke, accelerating through the ball. Most of all, listen for the reinforcing sound of the ball dropping in the cup.

Trying something different is the idea.

Good well

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