“Feel is Not Real:” Why You Need to Use Training Aids

By Ben Pellicani - Head Coach, Mike Bender Elite Golf Academy

There are many reasons to hit balls on a practice range. These include a pre-round warm up, shot making practice, working on your pre-shot routine and/or improving your swing mechanics. It has been our experience at the Mike Bender Elite Golf Academy that most golfers go to the range to “work on their swing.” This is true for PGA and LPGA Tour players as well as junior golfers, but, unfortunately, it is a slow process to make changes for most players as “feel is not real” as Greg Norman once said.

We have found that having feedback tools that tell the student if they are making the correct motion quickens the learning process. We use the MEGSA Perfect Practice Equipment, which allows students to set up a practice station with feedback for a variety of swing faults. For example if a student tends to sway off the ball and make an excessively long back swing we would attach a station that stabilizes the head and a bumper that stops an over-swing. These stations mimic an instructor holding a club next to the student’s head and limit the length of the golfer’s backswing. By hitting balls in this set up the student will learn "feel" from proper mechanics.

Even if you don’t have access to something as detailed as the MEGSA unit to practice in, there are many simpler training aids that can substitute very nicely for the same effects. The key is to be very careful to set up the training aid as instructed each time you practice with it. Used correctly, your progress will come along much more quickly.

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