Its All About The Target

Knowing how to aim

There are probably lots of different schools of thought about playing the game that involve aim. Picking the right one for you can dramatically improve your scores and so the next time you practice, experiment with some of these.

Alignment- basically this school of thought is that if you are aligned correctly to the line of flight, everything else will take care of itself. What does alignment mean? Put simply if you place a club along the line of your toes at address and have someone put a club across your shoulders, both clubs should be aimed at the target. This is one of the most basic elements of hitting the golf ball.

Intermediate target - some teachers advise picking an intermediate target on the ground between you and where you want the ball to go. This may be a spot on the fairway or on the green if you are putting four to five feet in front of your golf ball. The idea is get the ball started correctly by travelling over that spot.

Aim by visualization - As part of your pre-shot routine stand behind the ball and create a mental picture of where you are aiming and how you want the ball to get there. The theory is that seeing the whole shot in your mind will focus your body on making that shot happen.

Good luck trying these and hopefully you will find some success

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