The Odd Shot

These can make the Difference

Every once in a while we all face those shots from strange places where we say to ourselves "Oh here's a shot I practice all the time!" It might be that buried bunker lie or a low flight shot to get under some tree branches or even a opposite hand shot where you have to make a stroke from the other side of the ball. Well, practice does help.

With speciality shots it's not so much about perfecting the shot as it is to gain at least a little confidence so that we do not let a "crummy" lie upset us as much. If we face those situations with an optimistic attitude and as a challenge, then even if the result is not has good as we want, we know we gave it our best effort.

So here is a list of ones to work on:

  • The Fried Egg - This is actually quite common and deserves more practice. Remember, close the face of the club and bit down two inches behind the ball. Practice with both sand wedge and pitching wedge. Experiment with lots of situations.

  • Low Screamer - On the range, ball back in your stance, close club face a little, abbreviated swing. Experiment. Try to fade the ball too with an open face.

  • The Backwards Shot - Have fun with this one but stand away from other golfers on the range. Put a ball down and stand on the opposite side of the ball with your back to where you are hitting. Try to hit balls with the back of your club like a 5-iron as far as you can. This is a fun drill and can be a great drill to break up your usual practice time.

  • Sky High Flop - Phil Michelson eat your heart out. From different lies take the time to try and hit the highest, softest shot you can. These are always a little freaky because you are swinging so much. Get use to the feeling.

    Good luck and have fun.

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