What's A Metronome?

It's all about tempo

When you watch a pro tournament and see all the different golf swings that work, do some stand out more than others? Do you notice the really smooth ones like Couples or Els?

Grooving a smooth tempo can be very hard but you can get some help, even without going to the driving range. It's a metronome.

"What the heck is that?" you ask.

Piano players and musicians use them to keep time while they are playing music. It's like a ticking clock but the "ticks" can be adjusted so they can occur at key points in your swing, at the start of your takeaway, at the top of your swing, then again at the bottom of your swing, and at the end of your finish.

The metronome can be used indoors as well on the driving range, especially if you are too embarassed to use it on the range. Working together with a teaching professional to develop the tempo that's right for you, could be the start to a more consistent swing. It sets a timer in your head and helps you to quickly identify when you're off in your timing.

Give it a try !

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