The Universal 6-iron

One club - many uses

Do you have a favorite club?

Many golfers have that one club in their bag that they feel the most comfortable with. It may be a 7-iron or 9-iron or even their putter, but it's the club they swing with the most confidence and will often use as their trouble club.

Let's talk about the 6-iron. For most of you it's your 150 yard to 170 yard club that is a fairway iron but also a club you use on par 3's often. But did you know that you can be very creative with a 6-iron in other ways too?

One way is to use the six as a rescue club out of the rough. Because of it's loft and size of head, it turns out to be an ideal iron to use to advance the ball a great deal further than you think. Even when the ball rests too deep for a fairway wood, the 6-iron will get the ball airborne quickly and can be hit 180 yards because the lie in the rough makes the ball jump. On your next practice day, go drop a couple of balls in the rough and give it a try. You'll be surprised.

The six is also great for chipping on long chip shots that need to get on the green quickly and roll. Next time around the putting green, try using the six. Be sure to grip down on the club a little to gain control, and move the club as you would your putter. It's another way to train yourself to be creative and to stop relying on that lob wedge.

Have fun !!

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