In Between Clubs

Knowing what to do

Almost every round we're all confronted with that shot that's "in between clubs". Those are the situations that can contribute to mental pressure during play and having the confidence of knowing what to do can lead to a better result.

What's the solution? You guessed it - practice!

During your practice sessions take some time to hit irons that you choke down on the grip and see what distances the ball flies. Where do you grip the club to make it go five yards less than your normal distance? Emphasize your shorter irons like the 7, 8,and 9. Be sure you know exactly how those clubs behave and that you know how much more you have to "stay down" during the swing.

Next, try the same drill but get a good feel for a two-thirds swing and a three-quarter swing and what distances you hit each of those clubs with a choke grip.

What distinguishes a really good golfer is their ability to "create shots". This is your opportunity to build up an inventory of other shots to beat those dreaded "in betweens".

Good luck and play well.

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